How to prepare for the interviews?

After registration as asylum seeker in the Ankunftszentrum (Reception Center), the BAMF (Migration Office) will invite you in the following weeks or months for 2 interviews.

1st Interview (Small Interview): Aktenanlage

Here you will officially apply for asylum and give information about your identity and how you came to Germany.

The BAMF will also check if another country is responsible for your asylum procedure. This is the case if you asked for asylum or gave finger prints in another European country before entering Germany (Dublin law).

2nd interview (Big Interview): Anhörung

Here you can explain why you left your home country and why you would be in danger if you returned. This is the most important appointment during your asylum procedure:

Please contact following organisations to help you in getting prepared for your interviews with the BAMF (Migration Office):

  • Talk with your social service about preparation.
  • Go and see the Infobus for refugees (by the Munich Refugee Council). Click here for the locations and opening hours.
  • Read following documentation:
    • Click here for the brochure created by the Infobus for refugees.
    • Click here for the brochure by the Refugee Law Clinic.

Please note: Usually the ZABH (Government) invites you also for a short interrogation (Vorladung) about your identity and how you came to Germany. Please remember that this is not the BAMF and does not replace any of the interviews mentioned above.