Can I cancel my asylum and go home?

Yes, you have the possibility of canceling your asylum request and returning to your home country.

Take time to think about it and talk with your social service about your personal situation.

For returning to your home country, you may be able to get some financial support from these two organisations:

  • Coming Home (City of Munich)
    • Click here for contact details.
  • Zentrale Ausländerbehörde / ZABH (Government)
    • Address: Hofmannstraße 51, 81379 München
    • Opening times:
      Mo: 8 –  12 o’clock
      Tue: 8 –  12 o’clock
      Wed: 8 –  12 o’clock and 1 – 3 pm
      Thu: 8 –  12 o’clock
      Fr: 8 –  11 o’clock

Please note: Not everyone is able to get financial aid for returning home. It highly depends on your individual situation (nationality, papers you can provide, etc.).