I got positive – what now?

After a positive decision from the BAMF (Migration Office) giving you protection in Germany, you need to go to Ausländerbüro (Foreigners Office) in Kreisverwaltungsreferat/KVR (Administration Department of Munich) to apply for a residence permit.

Usually you will have to wait between 6 – 8 weeks until you actually receive the residence permit itself. During this time, you temporarily get a Fiktionsbescheinigung (Fictional Certificate).

Based on your BAMF decision, you can get a residence permit for:

  • 1 year
    • Subsidiärer Schutz (Subsidiary protection)
    • Abschiebungsverbot (Ban on deportation)
  • or 3 years
    • Flüchtlingsschutz (Refugee protection)
    • Asylberechtigung (Entitlement to asylum)

Please note: It is important to inform the Sozialreferat (Social Department of Munich) about any change in your residence status.

Why? Because by getting the residence permit the Sozialreferat is usually no longer responsible for you. It will give you an official transfer document for the Jobcenter so that the Jobcenter can help for financial support or medical treatments.